The settlement of Emanual

Large American style houses,

500 sq meters of living space,

built on a dunam and a half.

Each Jerusalem Stone house, architecturally  unique.


600 families

190 full/part Kollel members

5 educational institutions

18 Shulls

2 Mikvas

3 Medical Clinics

2 Ambulances

Regional Rabbinical court


Special Medical equipment for loan

Commerence center

communal activities for charity

30-45 minutes from major cities

Emanuel, founded in 1983. is a beautifull city set in the midst of magestic mountains and nature preserves. Emanuel is located on what was the ancient border between the tribal regions of Efraim and Menasheh. It is situated between the two major east-west roads crossing the heart of the Shomron, on the easrern edge of an area contiguous to the "green line", and within it the majority of the population is Jewish. From the gate of Emanuel you can see just to the south, beyond the nearby tomb of Joshua, the city of Ariel stretching to the Tapuach junction, the most important crossroads in the Shomron. Just to the north is the town of Kedumim, and sprouting from the mountain-tops to the west are several sister towns. There are approximately 4500 people living in Emanuel. The many Kollels with the participation of working people who participate in adult education programs, gives the town its special flavor and influences the atmospere of its five (soon to be six) educational institutions for over 1800 school-age and pre-school children.


Hose.jpg (13362 bytes) Revava is a dati leumi yishuv, near Barkan, is 15 minutes from Petach Tikvah and 50 munutes to Jerusalem. There are a few large houses that individuals built and additional lots are available. The standard housing for sale is the typical 100 to 150 meter Amana housing. This is one of three yishuvim built on land purchased from individual Arab landowners, so that the property is permanent ownership rather than a 49 year lease. Elementary school children are bussed to the neighboring yishuv, a girls high school is on the yishuv. If interseted, email a message to
Join us in a new neighborhood in the planning stage of 70 half dunam lots for construction of houses. If a large enough group is organized, we can have the houses built for less, and negotiate larger building lots. As this is closer to the Green Line and as a new highway is nearing completion, that renders Tel Aviv 15 minutes away, the building lots are not inexpensive,, but will skyrocket if the anticiapted annexation of this area occurs..