Prelude to WW3


Control of the Militias



The ADL's push on the militias and the strange death of Vince Foster. Web The involement of Hubbel, Hillary Clinton, Nathan Landow and Vince Foster.

How the Mossad paid a visit to Foster when he threatened to talk about Waco.

Blind Ambition The Facilitator He was to talk
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Anti-Defamation League Online Homepage

The ADL Militia watch

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SPLC Militia Watch

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"From Ruby Ridge , Idaho, Waco , etc - The Militias must be dealt with"

Militias and Hate Crime legislation

" Many wonder whether the rapid growth of militias across the American heartland could have taken place without some significant mainstream appeal. And many, especially in the Jewish community, note and fear the militias' potential for anti-Semitism."

" Stern, the American Jewish Committee's watchdog on the radical right, also is vitally concerned with the impact of Waco and Ruby Ridge "