Gaza Settlements

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Communities in the Gaza Coast Region

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Name Population Date Founded Type
Alei Sinai 350 1983 Non-religious
Bedolach 220 1986 Religious Moshav
Bnei Atzmon (Atzmona) 500 1979 Torani-Religious Moshav
Dugit 70 1990 Fishing Village
Gadid 250 1982 Religious Moshav (French)
Gan-Or 200 1983 Religious Moshav
Ganei Tal 400 1979 Religious Moshav
Katif 600 1986 Religious Moshav
Kerem Atzmona 24 2000 Religious
Kfar Darom 266* 1946 Religious
Kfar-Yam 10 1984 Non-Religious Farm
Morag 150 1984 Religious Moshav
Neve Dekalim 2,320* 1983 Regional Urban Center(Religious)
Nisanit 1,200 1984 Mixed Community
Netzer Hazani 400 1977 Religious
Netzarim 400 1984 Religious
Peat-Sadeh 110 1989 Mixed
Rafiah-Yam 150 1986 Mixed
Shirat HaYam 40 2000 Religious
Tel Katifa 60 1992 Agricultural farm

* Interior Ministry, June 2001

The best kept secret in Eretz Yisrael is the hidden paradise of Neve Dekalim, the regional center of Gush Katif. It is located among the palm trees on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

  The pastoral atmosphere hides a community teeming with spiritual and cultural activities: Yeshivot, Kollilim, schools, libraries, a community center full of life, varied activities for all ages, even a "golden ages" club. There are many shiurim in various synagogues and homes. There is also a delightful zoo to keep the children happy and occupied.

  Neve Dekalim is the home of the Regional Council on the Gaza coast, so all the government services are also at hand, as well as medical clinics, nurseries, kindergarten and even afternoon care for children who need it. There are a variety of stores for your convenience, as well as a bank and post office. Despite all this hustle and bustle, the usual passerby has time to smile and welcome a stranger. What sold us on Neve Dekalim is the warmth and loving kindness of the people who live here.

Population: (over) 400 families
Future population: absorption, natural growth
Climate: coastal / desert
%Religious Population: 100%
Types of Neighborhoods: religious
Housing availablity: Bnei Betcha and government housing
Rentals: 3 rooms - $300
Shuls: 5
Education: G Y C T
Health: Clalit, Maccabi
%English Speaking Population: 5%
Avg. range of Adult Eng. Speaking Population: 35 - 45
Areas of employment: think tank / incubator, local,Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva
Transportation: Egged to Ashkelon + Be'er Sheva
Distance to major cities: 60 min. Ashkelon,
60 min. Be'er Sheva,
120 min. Jerusalem
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Neve Dekalim,

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